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Maui Wowie Burgers and Brews was born out of bad case of food boredom. Since Ron and his wife, Leslie, worked long hours at another business, they found themselves eating out a lot. Soon the treat of eating out was worn down by mundane, tasteless food. It was apparent that major chain restaurants were creating their food in order to be as non-offensive as possible. Unfortunately, they ended up sacrificing flavor and quality, resulting in bland, uninteresting food.

Naturally, Ron and Leslie decided to do something about this. They lived in Maui for a time, learning the ways and lifestyles of the locals. They quickly grew to love the trade winds and customs, but grew especially fond of the local food. Ron’s mission was to bring those foods and flavors to the High Desert.

Just walking into the restaurant makes it feel like you just landed in Maui. From the beach décor to the music, it’s Hawaii at its best. At Maui Wowie the burgers are custom ground and made with a variety of delectable ingredients; it’s not uncommon to see Spam, eggs and gravy on your burger. Every ingredient is top quality and never frozen, which means you get the best food possible.

Please come in and enjoy a little taste of the islands. Bring your own trade winds; it’s the only thing we could not duplicate. Let Maui Wowie Burgers and Brews show you how amazing a burger can be.

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